SSL Administration

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To be able to order an SSL certificate we need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).


This can not be created directly on the control panel, and therefore has to be created externally, e.g. through the OpenSSL tool. Don't forget to save the private key as that is required during the installation.


Alternatively you can use our CSR-service, then we will create the CSR.


Regardless of how the CSR is generated, you will have to follow Installation of SSL certificate once the certificate has been issued.


Installation of SSL certificate


  1. If you have generated the CSR yourself you will receive the server certificate and intermediate certificate in a mail, if you have used our CSR-service you will get a link where you can download the certificates, in that case make sure you download all 3 PEM files.

Save the files somewhere where it's easy to find them, like the desktop, you need the following files:

Your server certificate, name it after your website, e.g.

Your private key, if you have generated the CSR yourself you should have saved it somewhere, name this after your website too, e.g.

The intermediate certificate, name this intermediate.pem


  1. Login to your control panel.



  1. Click SSL certificates under Services on the left.

Click Import new SSL certificate on the right.



  1. Select your server certificate in Certificate e.g.

Select the intermediate certificate in CA certificate chain e.g. intermediate.pem

Select your private key in Private key

Click Import certificate.



  1. Click Website under your domain on the left.

Click HTTPS protection in the middle.



  1. Select the installed certificate in the drop down under the website that is to use the certificate.

Click Activate HTTPS protection.

If you already have a certificate activated, e.g. when renewing, then you need to remove the old certificate before selecting the new.



We recommend that you test the installation with our server tester on