GlobalSign Revocation Error

GlobalSign had a problem with their OCSP servers at around 13 to 16 danish time, the 13. oktober 2016.
This resulted in some clients getting information that intermediate certificates were revoked.
This information may be cached in clients up to 4 days and may give problems on all GlobalSign and AlphaSSL websites the affected clients connect to.

We have gathered some links to information from the issuer.
We also encourage any customer with problems to write or call us, so we can assist in finding the quickest and best solution for your environment.

More information
Live status updated from GlobalSign Twitter Alerts
GlobalSign guide for problem solving the error
GlobalSign FAQ for the revocation error

Our e-mail and phones will be open 7.30 to 24.00 this friday.
We also expect to be open during this weekend.

If you need help, do call or write.

Tel. +45 77 345 678 - +46 10 1010 334 -