Pay with Credit Card
We accept payments with credit card thru the payment gateway Yourpay for the following cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO.

Pay with Invoice
We offer electronic invoicing (PDF) with a default of 14 days payment term. Payment can then be made with local bank transfer, international bank transfer or credit card.

Pay with electronic automated invoicing (PEPPOL/NemHandel)
We support electronic EAN/GLN invoicing thru PEPPOL/NemHandel.

Value Added Tax (VAT)
For EU companies with a validated VAT registration number, invoices will be reverse VAT charged.
Validated non-EU companies, will be invoiced without VAT.
For other EU customers, the local VAT for the customers country will be added to invoices.
All other invoices will have 25 percent Danish VAT added.

Problems paying?
Please contact us immediately so we can assist you with any problem related to payment.

Special needs?

We try to be flexible and assist our customers in making their invoicing experience easier. Some of the ways we can assist depending on individual needs include: Custom payment terms, Automatic electronic copies of all invoices to finance department e-mail, pre-payment accounts, references, etc.

Bank details:
Foreign, EUR/DKK/SEK, Revolut Ltd [GB]
IBAN: GB23REVO00996966562404

Sweden, SEK, Handelsbanken [SE]
Bankgiro: 650 - 4757

Denmark, DKK, Nordea [DK]
Registration nr.: 2279
Account nr.: 8976185502
IBAN: DK4420008976185502

Please always write the invoice number on all bank payments to ensure correct identification.

Åbrovej 29
8586 Ørum Djurs

VAT: DK 33075782

Phone (DK): +45 77 345 678
Phone (SE): +46 (0)10 10 10 334